Dedicated to continuous improvement


Björn Kjellander
Director of Quality and Accreditation
+46 36 - 10 18 96

JIBS is dedicated to quality assurance and continuous improvement to remain relevant and deliver the best possible value to our stakeholders. Undergoing external audits and engaging in academic networks are essential components in this work.

JIBS received its first international accreditation in 2008, and since 2015 our education and research are quality assured by double accreditation, awarded by the renowned organisations EFMD and AACSB. These accreditations are a quality mark that enables the school to attract highly qualified international students and faculty. It also means that the students will get even more power in applying for attractive jobs after completing their education. For JIBS, the accreditations imply access to valuable international networks and great opportunities for mutual learning.

We are also proud to sign the United Nations Principles of Management Education (PRME), be members of the Global Business School Network (GBSN), and have specific environmental certification.

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