The students at JIBS run their own organisation: JIBS Student Association (JSA).

The work carried out by this organisation demonstrates a strong commitment among students to engage and contribute to high-quality education, networking, extra-curricular activities, and a good study environment. JSA manages a range of projects, which add great value to the student life at JIBS.

Each year almost 200 students engage in the different teams. Some of them organising annual events, e.g., the career fair, summer ball, and international business trips, other running specialised groups, e.g., Investment Club, International networking, and Education Quality) or create the JIBS United Magazine. The wide range of activities makes JSA the perfect platform for students who want to gain valuable experience from project management, team building and collaboration.

The JSA elected president and vice president represent the students in JIBS' decision-making body for education. The JSA president is also a member of JIBS Strategy Group.