Calendar-linked phone absence messages and voicemail

What is calendar-linked absence messages and what setting is there for voicemails?

In connection with the new telephony agreement coming into force, 24/11 2022, an automatic calendar connection was introduced for absence messages for JU phones. It means that your phone automatically sends an absence message when you have appointments in your calendar. What is blocked in this way is only your 036 number. It is always possible to reach your mobile number despite an absence message.

Calendar-linked absence messages

Entries in your calendar of the types Busy and Out of Office will automatically set an appropriate absence message. The system reads the subject line in the booking and if any of the words Busy, Lunch, Meeting, Out of Office, Vacation, On sick leave or Lecture are there, the corresponding reference will be made. Absence messages for VAB is read as Busy. If the system does not find a suitable word, Busy is selected.

Entries in the calendar of the types Tentative, Free and Working elsewhere do not affect your telephone connection. The same applies to entries marked as Private.

If you want to disable the calendar connection, please post a case to the IT Helpdesk.

Tele2Växel – app and web portal

With the new telephony agreement, we also got access to Tele2Växel - it is available both as an app on the phone and as a web portal. Via the app in the phone, you can set absence messages for your phone both at the moment and planned single or recurring events, see call history including missed calls and listen to voice messages. Most of the settings is doen via the left menu in the app. On the website, you can set absence messages for your phone and make settings for, for example, voice messages and how missed calls should be notified. The address to the website is

Voice messages

You can make several different settings for how voice messages are handled, including how you want to be notified of a new message, whether an audio file should be sent with it or not, what should happen when the voice mailbox is full and what callers hear when an absence message is active.

Benefits with calendar-linked absence messages

  • Information for callers about when you can be reached again
  • No need to think about setting absence messages
  • Reduce the risk of disturbances at lectures/meetings
  • Direct connection to voicemail – no waiting time for callers
  • Possibility to automatically close the 036 number during holidays etc

If you have any problems or questions, you are welcome to contact the IT Helpdesk