With eduSign you can sign documents digitally. You can sign PDF or XML documents and you identify yourself with your JU ID.

With eduSign, it is possible to sign and validate documents electronically in a fast and easy way. The current decision making and delegation rules still applies, hence, the service does not provide any additional powers to sign.

Several people to sign a document

It's possible to invite people from different universities to sign a document. The available universities are found at "Add or change institutions" on the start page.

For every new signing of the document the addition "-signed" adds to the filename.

Signed document validation

To confirm the signature and make sure that nothing has been changed in the signed document it can be validated using the Edusign service. The service is open and do not require any login - https://validator.edusign.sunet.se/

How to register an e-signed document

If the record is ongoing and includes a registration number, that number can be filled in by the administrator before the document is e-signed.

In case there is no ongoing record a new registration number can be reserved by an email request sent to registrator@ju.se. Use the new registration number when filling in the document.