A staff account is valid for as long as the employment registered in Agresso. If you do not have a registration in Agresso, the validity period is a maximum of one year at a time. Light User accounts are also valid for a maximum of one year before an extension is required.

You use your staff account for everything that is connected to your employment, or your assignment, at JU. If you are simultaneously taking a course, you must use your student account for all study-related tasks, such as logging in to Canvas and Ladok etc.

Account extension

If your employment is extended in Agresso, your account will be automatically extended. If you are not registered in Agresso, the person responsible for your account will receive an email with information when it is time to order an extension. That extension is ordered by your manager or contact person at JU, via a form on the Intranet External link, opens in new window..


If your staff account needs access to groups, folders, shared mailboxes, systems or such, it is the owner or a person who already has access who needs to place an order with the IT Helpdesk, via the Order other IT form available on the Intranet External link, opens in new window.. For security reasons, you cannot order permissions for yourself.

Deletion of an account

One month before the account is closed, an information email is sent to your user account, as well as to the responsible manager or contact person at JU. It is important that you take care of your files and emails before closing your account. Remember to inform your contacts that the email address will expire, as well as to transfer ownership of any Outlook groups, Teams and videos in JU Play. After the deactivation of the account, emails and files are saved for two months, after which all account information is deleted along with files and emails. While the account remains closed, a dean decision is required for access.

Self-service user account

Manage your account on the self-service page External link, opens in new window.. There you can verify/change private contact information, change password, configure your account for the wireless network, manage your JU card, administer groups you own and create visitor accounts.