If you cant find a answer to your question you can ask it here helpdesk.ju.se

Get started

  1. Recharge External link, opens in new window. your print account (you must be connected to the school's network - fixed or Eduroam). Read our guide on how to add money to JU-Print Pdf, 188.2 kB, opens in new window.
  2. Choose the printing method - JU computer, portal or e-mail or if you want to install the printer on your private computer
  3. Make settings such as color/black and white, single or double-sided, paper size, etc. for the printout (if you print via a JU computer or private computer)
  4. Go to any printer at JU
  5. Connect your JU card the first time by holding it against the card reader and then log in with your JU account via the display. Next time, it is enough to hold the JU card against the card reader.
  6. You see your printouts in the display, mark the ones you want to print and press the blue button

Go to a printer. Place your JU Card at the card reader at any of the printers and then log in manually on the printer display. Next time you swipe your JU card you will be loged in automatically.

Payment and saldo

You can check your balance from ju-print.ju.se (log in with you JU-Account).

Wait 24 hours and the money will be back in your account again.

Printing methods

You must create a print Preset following the guide here.
Color print on Mac Pdf, 189.3 kB.

Problems and error messages

If prints get stuck or disappear and do not get printed, this often is because of the on the size/format of the file the document was created in.
The solution is to save the document to another format eg: .doc, docx and then try
to upload the file again.


When printing directly, it is important to select the "Fit" option, so the document is adapted to the printer's print format.

Try to select Tray 1 A4.
Next time, make sure your printout is not in, for example, Letter.
Only A4 or A3 format works.


Your printouts remain in the system for up to 48 hours after you select them for printing on your computer.

At the library there is a special payment terminal for visitors who do not have a JU account