Windows Hello for Business is a new, easier, and more secure way to log in to your JU computer. This means that you can log in with face recognition, fingerprint, PIN or YubiKey.

According to requirements from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, and due to an increased threat level as well as to reduce the risk of security incidents, JU will in future need to increase the use of so-called Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Windows Hello for Business (WHfB) is considered an approved MFA method. If you choose to use it on your JU computer, you will most likely not be affected by the stricter requirements when they are introduced.

How can this be more secure than passwords?

Since WHfB is configured on the user's unique computer, there is no risk of unauthorized use of the method on other devices, they would need to steal that particular computer and know the PIN associated with it in order to log in. The information that is configured is saved locally on the computer and cannot be accessed through an attack on other systems or by wiretapping a network when logging in. Using WHfB also means that you can have a more advanced password, as you do not have to enter it several times a day, which in turn makes it harder to crack.

What is needed?

Face Recognition - requires the computer to have a built-in camera that can take pictures in the infrared spectrum. Several of the computer models at JU have this. A few external webcams also work for WHfB, but at present it is a very new functionality.

Fingerprint - requires the computer to have a fingerprint reader. Only a few computers at JU have this at the moment.

PIN - requires nothing special and can be used by anyone

YubiKey - a security key that is inserted into the USB connector on the computer. If you want one, you need an approval for purchases from your manager and then you can submit a case via the form "Order other IT" on the intranet. The cost is charged to the department / company where you are employed.


Configure WHfB following the wizard Pdf, 661.7 kB.

Manually configure or change WHfB Pdf, 524.9 kB.