Canvas is the universitys online learning management system where digital course environments are provided for teachers and students.

As of autumn 2020, Jönköping University replaced PingPong with Canvas.

Canvas is used for teachers and students to interact through a digital medium. From here course material, submissions, groups, announcements and many other things can be managed. Feedback and results on assignments can be displayed here but remember than no grade is final until it appears in Ladok.

To be able to use Canvas on your computer you need an updated version of any of the following web browser:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari

Canvas is available as an application for both Android and iOS. Search for "Canvas" in the app store that applies to your unit. As a student you use Canvas Student and as a teacher Canvas Teacher. The name of the developer is Instructure. More information can be found in the developers guides for mobile applications External link, opens in new window..

NOTE! To be able to access your course as a student in Canvas you must first register in Ladok. After the registration you can immediately log in to Canvas but it may take a while before the course becomes visible. It is then the course coordinator who publishes (opens) the course for students. You can list all your courses from Courses and then All courses External link, opens in new window..


If you have problems logging in to Canvas, unable to see your course (as a student you may have to wait until after the course start date) or any questions about Canvas you can post a case to IT Helpdesk External link, opens in new window.. You can also search for answers on your own in the guide materials from the developers External link, opens in new window. or in our own guides available from the following links:

Status information and any issue notifications can be found at Instructure's status page External link, opens in new window..

Log in

When logging in to Canvas at External link, opens in new window., use your Jönköping University account and the corresponding password.