As long as you are registered for a course, program or have registered approved leave from studies your account is extended automatically.

Your account is active at least one re-examination. You can see the current estimated period of validity of your account, which is automatically updated when registrations in Ladok are done, on Self service user account External link, opens in new window..

Confirm your user identity

From 2023-12-01 the security for logging in to Ladok is increased for students. This means that you have to have a confirmed user identity at JU. You can see tha status for your account at the self service web page External link, opens in new window.. If you have a Swedish social security number you can confirm your user identity with BankID.

If you don't have a Swedish social security number, or of any other reason cannot confim your identity at the self service web page, you are welcome to visit IT Helpdesk. Bring a valid ID (passport/Swedish drivers license/Swedish national ID card/Swedish SIS ID card)

Extension of account

If you need an extension of your account, contact the study counsellor External link, opens in new window. at your school/programme. Students should not directly address IT Helpdesk as this is handled automatically via Ladok registrations.

Removal of account

A month before your account is closed a warning message is sent to your university email. If you rarely read the JU e-mail, it may be appropriate to arrange forwarding to another private email. It is important that you take care of your files and email before the account is closed, also be sure to inform your contacts that your email address will cease.

After the account is closed your user account is saved for two months, after which all the information about the account is removed along with any files and emails.

To remove your account earlier, please contact IT Helpdesk.

Expanded storage space

To apply for expanded storage space, contact your programme leader or the course coordinator.