Adobe Acrobat is being replaced by Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat is an application for creating, viewing and editing PDF documents and installed on all JU computers until 2019-04-14 through a Site license. Adobe has changed its license model, which means that a license must be assigned to each employee who needs to use the application in their work.

As of 2019-04-15, IT Services will replace Adobe Acrobat with Adobe Reader on all staff computers. Adobe Reader cannot be used to edit PDF files, only reading. Staff who still need to be able to edit PDF files can order this through and get an assigned license for Adobe Acrobat.

In computer labs, Adobe Acrobat will be gradually removed. Students can install it from Software Center.

Please note:

Adobe Acrobat is not required to create PDF files. Windows 10 has a built-in PDF printer (Microsoft Print to PDF) that can be used from any application where printing is possible. PDF files can also be created from Office applications such as Word (Save as… PDF or File - Export - Create PDF/XPS Documents).