• For laptops: Before you can use the laptop wirelessly or outside campus, you must log in to the JU network while on campus once, with the computer in the docking station or connected with a network cable. Do not restart or undock the computer for 30 minutes. The first time you log in customized applications and policies will be downloaded.
  • Some applications need to be downloaded from a server. You find these in the Software Center on the desktop. Start the application and run the installation while the computer is connected with a network cable on campus. Note: It may take several hours after reinstallation of the computer until all applications are shown in Software Center.
  • Note that Common JU Files and Personal JU Files (your home directory) are accessed via shortcuts on the desktop (for staff)
  • Take good care of your JU computer - keep it clean, store and transport it correct and don't put stickers that cannot be removed on the lid.