Min Hang was born in China and has lived most of her life there. She first came to Sweden when her husband, who was working as a diplomat, was sent to Malmö by the Chinese government to attend an international programme at The World Maritime University. While in Sweden, Min enrolled on a Master programme at Lund University. Around the same time she finished her Master´s degree, the Media Management and Transformation Centre was formed at JIBS during the spring of 2003. Min became one of the first doctoral students employed by the new MMT centre.

“I applied for the doctoral program at Jönköping International Business School because firstly, I love media studies and secondly, I thought JIBS could provide a good international atmosphere in which I could pursue my doctoral study." says Min.
After less than a year as a doctoral student Min had a baby daughter called Ruirui. After her birth Min's parents came to stay in Jönköping together with Min and her daughter. In China it is often the grandparents who take care of the children while the parents are at work. So when Min and her family went to China to collect material for her study it was natural that only Min came back and her daughter stayed with her mother and father. Thinking back, this was one of the hardest things for Min to do while studying at JIBS: “The most difficult thing with being away from my home country was not being able to take care of my daughter and my family."
Jönköping was very different from Min's home town in China. She found it to be a very quiet city and a perfect place to conduct research. Beijing is very crowded and noisy and Jönköping is very quiet and clean. “I experienced many cultural clashes in Jönköping. For example, Chines people are usually more implicit in conversation, while Swedes are more straight-forward in expressing themselves", Min says.
Min's childhood dream was to become a teacher and to have many students. For her it was very clear what her goals were when she pursued her studies at JIBS—she wanted to go back to China and work for a university in Beijing. The alternative for her would be to find a research position at a research institute in Beijing. “I had the possibility to choose from both those opportunities when I graduated, and I chose to be a teacher at Tsinghua as it was my childhood dream."
Min is now working as an associate professor at Tsinghua University, a leading university in China. She teaches media management and business journalism courses at the university. Min is also Head of JIBS' Media Management and Transformation Centre East Asia branch. And for the future all Min wants is to be a happy and good mother, and a responsible teacher.