In April 2017, Jönköping University's new research and education environment within knowledge intensive product realization, SPARK, was opened. The environment will contribute to the development of the region’s and Sweden’s manufacturing companies towards more knowledge intensive products and processes.


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Jönköping University will develop SPARK in cooperation with the Swedish Knowledge Foundation during the period 2017-2026. Our aim with the ten-year collaboration is to create

a nationally leading and internationally competitive research and education environment within knowledge intensive product realisation, based on continuous co-production between the university and partner companies.

Programme Manager:

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An important criterion for research that is partially financed by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation is that it is co-produced with the business community. Research projects connected to SPARK will therefore be carried out in close collaboration with different companies.

To whom is this beneficial?

Jönköping University's initiative is beneficial for the university and the business sector, but also for the region as a whole.

“This is an investment of significant strategic importance for the business community and for our region. For the companies of the region to keep their competitiveness, a research based product development work is needed. In that context SPARK is an important resource,” says Ulrika Geeraedts, Director of Development at Region Jönköpings län.

The development of SPARK strengthens an already well-developed collaboration between Jönköping University and the business community in research and education projects. The university and the companies will be able to plan more long-term and strategically together. Thereby the relevance of the research results for the companies will increase further.

“SPARK may extend the international and academic networks of collaboration partners, which we might benefit from in our R&D work. It also contributes to the profiling of Jönköping University as a future-oriented university, and may have a positive impact on the recruitment of cutting-edge expertise to the region,” says Andreas Rangert, VP Product Management & Development at Husqvarna Group.


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