Product Platforms, 7,5 hp

In the course, product platforms are studied from both theoretical and practical perspectives. This includes fundamental concepts in the area, current research and industrial practise. Different support for planning, developing and analysing product platform design are introduced and practised. The impact on business processes of different platform strategies are discussed as well as their use in different sectors and applications.

The course includes the following elements:

  • Fundaments in product platform theory
  • Product platforms and related platforms in industrial practice
  • Business opportunities and challenges associated with implementing and sustaining a product platform strategy
  • Product platform lifecycle information management (e.g. PLM and BIM)
  • Means to plan, design and analyse product platforms
  • Models, methods, and tools used in product platform architecting and development
  • State of the art and the current industrial practise in general.

Maximum number of participants are 16. Initially, ProWood doctoral students are prioritized and six seats are reserved for external participants.