Combitech is a Nordic technical consultancy company combining technology, environment and security. The company has around 1400 employees in 20 locations across Sweden, as well as offices in Norway and Finland.

We believe that KOPtimera address relevant and highly prioritized areas. Combitech AB has been involved in the research project KOPeration and during the discussions among the participating companies we have time after time returned to a couple of questions: “What is the cost for lead-time?” and “How do we gain efficiency by increasing co-operation between development, purchasing and manufacturing departments within companies?” The answers to those questions are still missing. For us, as a consultancy company within design and logistics among other areas, the project KOPtimera could help to increase the knowledge among our consultants and further on make savings to our clients. We are convinced that there is money to be saved in Swedish manufacturing companies by having a relevant way of valuing lead-time when making decisions in the development phase and by reducing gaps and increase understanding between purchasing and development departments within companies.