The purpose of KOPtimera was to analyze competitive positioning of strategic decoupling points, not only based on strategic lead-times, but also explicitly related to the cost of lead time.


The research project KOPtimera built on to the former research project KOPeration, funded by the Swedish KK Foundation. In particular, KOPeration focused on how to integrate purchasing into the framework of customer-driven manufacturing. As a consequence, the customer-driven purchasing (CDP) method was developed for evaluating preconditions for the materials flow from the suppliers, through manufacturing, allt the way to the final customer.

KOPtimera had a greater emphasize, and was more explicit, on the importance of understanding time as a critical resource. Despite much effort spent over the years, the cost of lead-time is still something we need to know more about. Time also turned out as a key component during KOPeration, where strategic lead-times played a critical role in identifying strategic decoupling points and hence also key processes, since a strategic decoupling point separates a flow into two processes.

Time period

The project ran between January 2014 and December 2016 and was co-funded by Jönköping University School of Engineering, the Swedish KK foundation, and the participating companies. The project ended with a open conference in November 2016, where the results of the project were presented.

Contact Persons

Would you like to know more about the project and the results? Please contact  Joakim Wikner, Jenny Bäckstrand, Fredrik Tiedemann or Eva Johansson.

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