Degree certificate application

Degree certificate application

Information about degree certificate applications for international students.

Make sure that all results have been reported before turning in an application.

Only courses that have been fully completed can be included in degree certificates.

If you have completed all your courses (including courses abroad) and/or have received a decision regarding accredited courses at Jönköping University, you can apply for a degree certificate online.

The administrative work starts when the application is complete, and the degree certificate is then issued within 60 days.

Online degree certificate application form for international students - Not to be used when applying to a programme

If you have taken courses at another school/university and wish to have such course work included on your degree certificate, you must submit the relevant documentation together with your degree certificate application. A PDF version of the degree certificate application can be found below or at student services. Note that your degree is awarded by the school where you last studied.



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