Content updated 2020-03-04

Examinations Pathway Programmes

Examinations are assignments that must be passed in order to complete a course. On the Pathway Programmes, there are different types of examinations, such as oral presentations and digital written exams. Writing assignments are used for formative assessment through a designed writing process described in the course guides. 

All examination dates for the semester are published by the examiner in the course guides at the course introduction session. Dates for re-examinations and revisions are also set at the beginning of the course.

Within the semester, before the end of the course, we allow for three re-examinations on a failed exam. This includes revisions on written assignments marked for revision. If you do not complete all exams before the end of the course, a final attempt is allowed directly after the end of the course or the next time the same examination is given during following semesters. This could mean that your conditional offer and subsequently your application to a following programme is voided.