Content updated 2017-03-31


Jönköping University Rowing Association (JURA) collaborates with Jönköping Rowing Club (JRS) and the team has enjoyed success at several domestic and international competitions.

JRS gives you the opportunity to develop you rowing skills under the professional coaching of experienced rowers. As a member of JURA, you can pursue recreational rowing, competition rowing or both. Presently, some 40 Swedish and international JU students row on a regular basis.

In Swedish university rowing, the rowboats are usually wider and a little larger than in regular rowing, so even novices can enter competitions.

Lake Munksjön, where JURA usually trains during the outdoor season, is often bustling with activity. We share the lake with some of Sweden’s most talented rowers. U23 world championship medallists and novices train side by side, offering a unique opportunity to learn more about the sport. During the winter months, you can train indoor rowing, in teams or on your own.

Student rowing is gaining new ground in Sweden each year and JURA is a driving force in the development of competitions between universities. One of JURA’s long-term goals is to compete against universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

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