Content updated 2023-03-24

Xjobbsmässan, the Final Thesis Fair

As part of the graduation celebrations, the Final Tesis Fair, Xjobbsmässan, is held where graduating students have the opportunity to showcase their final thesis projects.

What is Xjobbsmässan?

Xjobbsmässan is the fair where you as a student showcase what you have worked on in your thesis project. The fair is held in Campus Arena on May 30th, at 13:00-15:00. Those who exhibit at the fair can also choose to participate in the Xjobbsmässan Digital Showroom at JU.SE. See Xjobbsmässan Digital Showroom 2023 External link, opens in new window..

Why Xjobbsmässan?

Xjobbsmässan is a fantastic opportunity for networking as the fair is well attended by companies. Other students also visit the fair to get inspiration for their future thesis projects. All exhibiting students also have the opportunity to win scholarships in connection with the fair.

Sign up

Sign up to exhibit at the fair by joining the Canvas activity Xjobbsmässan 2024 External link, opens in new window.. Once you are in Canvas, you need to do the following:

  • Join a project group under People > Groups (Xjobbsmässan 2024). One group per thesis project.
  • Change the name of the group to
    Programme Abbreviation, First Name Last Name & First Name Last Name
  • Now you are registered :)

Last day for registration is 29 April.


At Xjobbsmässan, all participating students can win a scholarship from the School of Engineering of SEK 10 000 for the Best Presentation and also a scholarship from the Science Park of SEK 5 000 for the Best Business Potential. There is also a chance to win the SEK 5,000 scholarship for the fair's Audience Favourite, where visitors vote for their favourite thesis project. This scholarship is awarded by the School of Engineering. The scholarship for Audience Favourite is only applicable to those who exhibit in the Digital Showroom. These three scholarships will be awarded during the completion ceremony on May 31st.

Xjobbsmässan Q&A

For the Xjobbsmässan you need to

  • Submit your thesis title and author(s) for a brochure to be distributed during the fair.
  • Create a poster.
  • Prepare your booth in Campus Arena 30 May at 8-12 (free lunch is offered)
  • Be at the Xjobbsmässan on May 30th + clean up your stuff afterwards.

If you want to participate in the Xjobbsmässan Digital Showroom, you also need:

  • Book an appointment for a photo shoot
  • Be photographed
  • Submit text and any image material to the Digital Showroom.


More information can be found on Canvas.

The booth is approximately 2 square meters. You can see some pictures below for inspiration.

If you need more space, please contact

Everyone must have a poster in their booth. A template for posters is available on Canvas.

Beyond that, just let your creativity flow!

However, you are not allowed to have a popcorn machine, waffle iron or smoke-emitting devices.