Content updated 2018-12-27

Active measures at JU

The objective of the active measures for equal opportunities at Jönköping University is to create the right conditions for a good and successful study and research environment.

Equal opportunity initiatives for students are run at JU level.

The first stage involves investigating our operations and identifying: any risks and obstacles to equal opportunities; and, possibilities for identifying whether there is discrimination (harassment, sexual harassment and reprisals included therein). This can be a question of actual obstacles, structural obstacles, norms or attitudes.

The second stage revolves around analysing the causes of the identified risks and obstacles by considering why they are as they are.

In the third stage, reasonable, concrete, preventive and promotional measures shall be implemented. These measures shall not only eradicate the detected obstacles and risks, but also, so as to create equal rights and opportunities, level out any differences found between different groups.

The fourth stage involves monitoring our initiatives and evaluating the preceding stage in order to capitalise on: the stage’s findings; how the planned measures have worked; and, if objectives have been reached.

All stages in the initiatives shall be implemented in collaboration with the students’ union.