School of Health and Welfare

School of Health and Welfare

The Graduation Ceremony is organized twice a year to celebrate the students who graduate from the School of Health and Welfare.

Each year, there are around 500 students at the School of Health and Welfare (HHJ) who complete their university education. This is something the school wants to draw attention to by inviting all the students who take the degree, as well as their family and friends, for a Graduation Ceremony.

Next Graduation Ceremony will take place on Friday, January 18, 2019.


Graduation ceremony for nurses, social workers and specialist nurses as well as master’s.

Friday, January 18th

Location: Pingstkyrkan in Jönköping, Västra Torget

Time: The ceremony starts at 09:15

Gathering: 08: 00-08: 45

Rehearsal: at 08: 00-08: 45

NOTE! Relatives should have taken their seats at 09:00


Register and get your guests tickets before December 18, 2018 via the registration form here.

Get tickets and sale of brooch

Your guests need to bring a ticket to the Graduation Ceremony as this is a closed event. The tickets can be picked up between 7-17 January at the Service Centre, which is open Mon-Wednesday at. 7.30-16.30, Thursdays at. 11.30-16.30 and Friday 7.30-15.00. You can also purchase the SSK brooch during the same times at the Service Centre. Cost is 250 SEK and only card payment applies.

Dress code

The students who take the degree receive shawls that can be obtained from the Health section in the entrance 15/1 and 16/1 at 12.00-13.00. To the ceremony, each student must include a paper where they have clearly written their first and last name. This is to make it easier to read the names of the outgoing students.


Friends and family are welcome to the Graduation Ceremony. All guests must be registered in advance by the student who takes their degree from HHJ. Each student can register a maximum of three guests to whom the student receives tickets that must be presented by the guest at the Graduation Ceremony.


The Graduation Ceremony is held in Pingstkyrkan, Västra torget, Jönköping.


Parking is available at Pingskyrkan, Västra torget, as well as below the School of Health and Welfare (HHJ) building towards Munksjön and in the residential area Bäckalyckan.

For further information on parking facilities, see the municipality's parking overview.


Birgitta Lundin-Östblom
Responsbile for the graduation ceremony

Questions about tickets and brooches:
Charlott Lindholm