Content updated 2017-12-04

Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee (DAN) deals with and is deciding when it comes to disciplinary and expulsion cases involving undergraduate students at Jönköping University.

When dealing with and deciding on matters that may lead to disciplinary action, DAN shall consist of one member with legal experience, five members representing the teachers at JU, one of whom is from Jönköping University Enterprise AB, and one from each school, and two members representing Jönköping Student Union.


  • Per Christensen, Judge of Appeal
  • Ulrika Tyrén, Judge of Appeal (deputy)


Committee members

Student representatives

Student representatives

  • Ingrid Olsson, Vice Ordförande Jönköpings Studentkår
  • Matilda Nilsson, Kårgeneral - HITECH


  • Alma Reinsjö, Kårgeneral - LOK
  • Gustav Sandberg, Ordförande Hälso