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Application and tuition fees

Here you can find regulations for application and tuition fees at Jönköping University.

Explanation of the Regulations

At Jönköping University, the tuition fee for the entire study programme is divided into instalments like a payment plan. There are the same number of instalments as there are semesters in the study programme. Each instalment must be paid before the start of a new semester, even if you need to re-take classes and exams.
The first installment of tuition fee is paid before the application for a residency permit can be approved. In Sweden, all offers of admission are considered preliminary until the student has paid the first installment of the programme tuition fee.

A 3-year bachelor programme fee is divided into 6 instalments of the tuition fee and a 2-year master programme fee is divided into 4 instalments.

If you have paid all instalments but not yet completed the study programme, you can complete the study programme without further payments as long as you meet the requirements set by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Exception: The programme fee for Pathway Year programmes must be paid in full and is not divided into instalments.

Payment from bank outside of Sweden

Beneficiary: Hogskoleservice i Jonkoping AB
Gjuterigatan 5
SE-553 18 Jonkoping

Nordea Bank
SE-105 71 Stockholm, Sweden

Bank account: 99604217498189
IBAN: SE4595000099604217498189

  • Inform your bank that you wish to transfer the sum stated on the invoice.
  • Inform your bank that the payment must be received by Hogskoleservice i Jonkoping by the due date on the invoice.
  • Include your reference number as a remittance message. This is your personal reference number and without this number, we cannot match the payment to your student record, especially if someone else pays your invoice.
  • Note that even if you pay the fee in another currency, we receive the funds in Swedish kronor (SEK), and that you are responsible for paying all fees associated with this transfer.

Payment from Swedish bank account

If your payment is made from a Swedish bank account, use one of the following:

  • Bankgiro: 411-0649
  • Plusgiro: 1749818-9

Your Reference number (found on your invoice) must be written as a Message on the payment (we do not use OCR number).

Due to international regulations, it is currently not allowed for Swedish universities to receive money from, or pay money to, Iran.
You should be aware of this already when you make a payment. Be careful about which account you choose to make the payment from. A refund should be made to the same account as the payment was originally made from. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a payment method that works also if a refund must be made.

Before the first semester:
If you have submitted your cancellation of admission to the Admissions Office no later than the day of the start of the semester, you are eligible for a full refund with no deductions (except bank and transfer fees) according to the current Temporary amendment to Regulations for fees at JU.

After starting you studies:
Refund of paid tuition fee after the start of a semester is only possible if you had to drop out for special reasons. Jönköping University decides what constitute special reasons. If there is a special reason, refund is not granted retroactively, which means that the tuition fee corresponding to the weeks you have been registered is not refundable.

Rejection on Residence permit application:

This consitutes a special reason and will be reviewed as such. If the rejection is submitted before the start of the semester, full refund can be granted. If the rejection comes after the start of the semester and you have registered, see the information under "After starting your studies".


Apply for refund through this online form.external link, opens in new window

Pathway programmes are held at the Campus Gränna boarding school. The refund policy for the tuition fee part of the Pathway programme fee is the same as for bachelor and master programmes. See "Refund policy for tuition fees" above.

The refund policy for the boarding fee portion of the Pathway programme fee can be found in the following Dean’s decision:

The current Temporary amendment to Regulations for tuition fees at JU means that if you cancel your admission to Pathway Admissions no later than the starting date of the Pathway programme, you are eligible for a full refund of both tuition fee and boarding fee with no deductions (except bank and transfer fees).

Apply for refund through this online form.external link, opens in new window

If you change your fee status from fee-paying to exempted after being admitted and before the start of the semester, you must contact the admissions at Jönköping University to be re-assessed. Without a prior request of pre-assessment, your status remains unchanged. After the beginning of a semester, you can apply for a re-assessment concerning the next semester, never retroactively. You must pay the tuition fee instalment on time if a change of status has not been confirmed by the Admissions Office at Jönköping University.

If you apply for a work permit when the current study permit is about to expire, you must have received the decision from the Migration Agency before the start of the new semester, the work permit must be valid from before the start of the new semester, AND you must have submitted a copy of the decision to (see Examples 2 and 3).

  • If you do not pay the tuition fee instalments according to the payment plan, you will be suspended from all studies at Jönköping University as of the first day of the new semester.
    The only way to lift the suspension is to pay the outstanding tuition fee instalments. Each new semester that starts after the suspension will increase the number of outstanding tuition fee instalments that must be paid to lift the suspension (see Examples 1 and 3).
  • If the instalment is paid in full too late into the new semester, you might not be able to register for all classes, which could have an effect on your continuing studies as well as on your application for extension of residence permit.
  • If you do not intend to study the next semester, you need to either withdraw from the studies or have been granted a leave from studies before the start of the new semester.
    Withdrawing from studies is called “non-completion” in the Regulations and the form Notification of study interruption should be completed and have reached JU before the start of the new semester.
    Contact your study counsellor to apply for approved leave from studies. Please note that you need a valid reason for a study break and that there are consequencesexternal link, opens in new window to a study break.
  • A suspension means that an application for study break or fee refund cannot be processed.

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