Student life and the Student Union

Student life and the Student Union

An important part of student life in Jönköping is meeting new people and relaxing with friends. In Jönköping there are plenty of things to do when you need a break from your studies.

On campus we have cafés and restaurants where you can meet up with friends. The University is also located in the city centre, close to everything the town has to offer with cafés, pubs and restaurants for every occasion and pedestrian streets lined with shops. In the city centre you will find the long sandy beaches of Lake Vättern and the great outdoors is also within easy reach.

Jönköping Student Union

The Jönköping Student Union is run by students, for students. The union safeguards the students interests in many areas of student life and at the university. To guarantee an active student union, and to ensure student influence at Jönköping University, the university has decided that membership in Jönköping Student Union shall be mandatory for all students at the university. The membership fee varies and is determined by the form of study.

The Student Union works with internationalization and integration. It organizes social activities and tries to provide international students with a deeper understanding and a richer experience of Swedish society and culture. The union organizes different types of events, for example dinners and trips around Sweden and Scandinavia.

For those interested there is a contact person programme (buddy programme). The contact person is a student who will help you adjust to the practical matters of living in Jönköping.

Introduction week

During the introduction week new students get the opportunity to learn more about the school they will be attending, obtain information about academic and related matters and get to know each other, the campus and Jönköping. Academic, social and cultural activities are included as part of the introduction week, which offers a great start to your studies at Jönköping University.