BeyondTrust - better security on your computer

As part of JU's work with IT security, we will during the autumn distribute the software BeyondTrust Privilege Manager to all computers at JU. It will replace the personal rights as an administrator on your computer. You will still have sufficient control over your computer to be able to perform your work, while reducing the threat from malware and suspicious software.

Users without administrator privileges are very secure, but severely limited in what they can do. Conversely, administrator users are completely free to do whatever they want, but security is compromised. By making it possible for everyone to work efficiently with regular user accounts, we create a much more secure IT environment.

Privilege Management is a security software that uses proactive technology to stop malware, the purpose is to increase the security of the operating environment. Something called Application Control ensures that you still have free access to the programs you need to perform your work. With Application Control, usability can be improved without compromising security by allowing approved applications.

In the background, a control is run that captures which applications you use often and those that require administrator rights, to adapt the service to the needs that exist.

Most users will only notice the difference in that certain dialog boxes during installation, for example, may look different. In some cases, your installation or running of an application or script can be stopped, and in that case you need to contact the IT Helpdesk via a case.