Here you can see the answers to our most common questions regarding MFA (multi-factor authentication).

Why do I have to configure MFA?
MFA Multifactor authentication or two-step verification, which it is also called, means that as an extra security measure you use two verification steps. Entering the password as the first step, you then need to perform the next step, which may for example be to answer a machine-dialed call to your mobile phone and (press #) to confirm the login.

If someone gets hold of your password, they will still not gain access to your account in Office 365, because you must perform the second step yourself when someone tries to log in to your account from an external device.

When do I have to use MFA?
When you want to use any of our Office 365 applications - Outlook, OneDrive etc (also applies when accessing the Office 365 portal/web page) on private devices*.

*) Computers that doesn't have the JU installation and mobile phones/tablets/MacOS devices that is not enrolled in the Company Portal, counts as private devices.

Why do I have to configure MFA when I'm only using my JU laptop?
To prevent unauthorized people to configure MFA for you, if they somehow get a hold of your password.

Where do I find the MFA manual?
You can find the latest version hereexternal link, opens in new window.

Where do I find the manual for how to enroll JU phones/tablets/MacOS devices in the Company portal?

You can find the lates versions here:
iPhoneexternal link, opens in new window
Samsungexternal link, opens in new window
MacOSexternal link, opens in new window

How do I start an incognito/InPrivate session in the web browser?
Right click on the web browser icon and click on New incognito window (the name may vary depending on which web browser you are using).

Why does the QR code in the Authenticator app not work?
You need to scan the QR code that is showing in the web browser. The QR code in the manual is just an example and cannot be used.

What to do if I replaced my phone (but still have the old one)?
Sign in to https://office.comexternal link, opens in new window and go to MFA - My Profile followed by Security info (this step requires that the old phone is working so that you can verify the sign-in with MFA).
Add another MFA method (see the section Configure additional MFA methods in the manual) - add the authenticator app again or call/text message. When this is done, remove the old one/authenticator app from the system (see the section Delete MFA methods in the manual).

What to do if I replaced my phone (and don't have the old one or if it's broken)?
If you only have configured the authenticator app (and only on one device), you will have to contact Helpdesk so that they can reset MFA on your account.

To prevent this from happening, add additional methods (JU phone and private phone for example). See the section Configure additional MFA methods in the manual.

Can I have multiple authentication methods active?
Yes, see the section Configure additional MFA methods in the manual.

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