The Associate dean's office or the administrative team for the doctoral programmes also constituting the Doctoral Student Progress Committee:

Vivian Vimarlund, Professor in Informatics and Associate Dean for Research (and the Doctoral programmes)


  • Overall  responsibility for the coordination and quality of JIBS five doctoral programs
  • Strategic development of the doctoral programmes
  • Speaking partner and advisor to doctoral students, tutors and department head

Susanne Hansson, secretary of the JIBS Research Faculty Board (RFB)


  • Administering admission of doctoral students in the RFB
  • Administering doctoral courses to be offered
  • Support in the layout and printing of dissertation theses

Monica Bartels, secretary of the Doctoral Student Progress Committee


  • Administering accreditation of external doctoral courses
  • Reporting of credits into ladok
  • Administering progress and follow-up of doctoral students (doctoral ladder, Individual study plan)