This course is concerned with the intellectual roots of entrepreneurship research. Scientific knowledge is cumulative in nature. Knowledge about the intellectual roots and history of the field provides an important foundation, which makes it substantially easier to understand the current debates in entrepreneurship and to contribute to these discussions.

In addition, it is very rewarding in and of itself to understand how a field develops and is shaped into its current form.

The first session deals with the work of Schumpeter and Kirzner because of its explicit presence in current entrepreneurship research. But Entrepreneurship also has other foundations; in the second session we discuss sociological and psychological “classics”. In the third session, we revisit some “modern classics” from 1988-2000 and discuss how older and more recent classics influence current entrepreneurship research.

Course Structure

For each of the sessions, this course uses the three-step approach to learning: reading, writing, and discussing, with reflection and learning throughout the process. Students are expected to read and reflect upon the assigned readings prior to the session in which they will be discussed. As the goal of studying the readings is critical reflection rather than memorizing of contents, students shall also hand in written reflections prior to each session. Instructions concerning the hand-ins are provided below.

Class sessions will be devoted to reviewing and critiquing the readings associated with each session and to discussing the assignment submitted.


Each session you should answer specific questions in the format of a short paper. Please see the detailed course schedule including assignments below.
N B! All assignments should be circulated to the instructor at least 48 hours before the respective session starts. Circulation to other course participants can be done after the session in question.

Course examiner and course leader:

Professor Per Davidsson, JIBS and QUT

Meeting dates:

  • Monday, 4th of September at at 9-12 in B6046
  • Monday, 11th of September at 9-12 in B6046
  • Monday, 18th of September at 9-12 in B6046

Course description, objectives, structure and schedule Pdf, 155.8 kB.

Course Syllabus Pdf, 100.1 kB.

Application form Word, 46 kB.

If you have any questions about the course please contact Per Davidsson