JIBS uses the ECTS-grading system (a doctoral course usually amounts to 7.5 ECTS credits) and pass/fail, no finer distinction is made.

Listed below is information on how the reporting of credits for doctoral courses and the progress of doctoral studies are administered.

Credits for doctoral courses offered by JIBS

The credits of doctoral courses that are offered by JIBS are reported by the examiner directly to the ladok administrator of research ladok and the doctoral student receives a confirmation e-mail when the credits are registered in ladok.

Credits for external doctoral courses and research project work

In order to have the credits for external doctoral courses or research project work registered, the courses and credits have to be accredited in the Doctoral Student Progress Committee.

Step-by-step procedure:

  • The doctoral student fills out the appropriate form, which is then signed by the doctoral student and the supervisor.
  • The form, as well as necessary attachments listed on the form, are to be submitted in hard-copy and by e-mail to Monica Bartels, secretary of the Doctoral Student Progress Committee.
  • The committee decides on whether to accredite the doctoral course credits to the full credits requested by the supervisor or partly and the credits are reported into ladok.