Vivian Vimarlund is Associate Dean of Research (and Doctoral Programmes). She is Professor of Informatics and strategically responsible for the five doctoral programmes at JIBS.

Dear all,

Thank you for your interest in the doctoral programmes at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS). As Associate Dean, I can promise you that our doctoral programmes are challenging and of the highest quality. It is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the team of the Associate Dean of Research.

We currently offer degrees in five doctoral programmes at JIBS; Business Administration, Economics, Commercial Law, Informatics and Statistics. All programmes have an international orientation, and a strong focus on both theoretical and empirical research. The doctoral education is composed by multiple activities such as course work, individual research activities, participation in conferences and workshops, teaching students and interaction with stakeholders outside academia. Our doctoral students are encouraged to attend conferences and doctoral courses abroad, but also to spend a semester at a university in another country to experience a different academic environment.

As of today, 99 doctoral candidates have graduated from the five programmes. Graduates from our programmes today have positions at renowned business schools and universities (including JIBS), as well as in important public or private organizations. Our doctoral students or recent graduates have also won an impressive amount of awards, grants and scholarships. Currently, we have more than 60 doctoral students from almost all over the world enrolled in our programmes. This makes doctoral education at JIBS a truly international experience.

Doctoral studies at JIBS shall enable the student to generate and share new scientific knowledge that is relevant for current debates among scholars, but also for practice within trade and industry and for society in general. In other words, the doctoral studies aim to support you as a student to form a solid foundation for an academic career as researcher and teacher in a university or college or for qualified analytical work within other types of private or public organizations.

We are regularly seeking highly motivated students to our doctoral education. It is my hope that you, should you decide to go for a doctoral degree, will apply for one of the doctoral programmes here at JIBS. If you join one of our programmes, we can promise you a very demanding but highly rewarding academic and professional experience. Please feel free to contact me or one of my colleagues at the Research Team should you need more information about applying to and being a doctoral student in one of our doctoral programmes.

Best regards,
Vivian Vimarlund,
Associate Dean for Research (and Doctoral Programmes) at JIBS.
PhD, Professor in Informatics