The doctoral programme in Informatics is the newest programme at JIBS and started in 2007. The programme focuses mainly on business informatics and health informatics. At the moment 6 doctoral students are enrolled in the programme.

Doctoral studies in Informatics comprise a total of 240 credit points [120 credits for the licentiate degree, respectively], 90 [45] credit points of course work and 150 [75] credit points for the doctoral thesis [licentiate thesis], which normally requires four [two] years (48 months) of full-time study.

The course work for a degree in Informatics includes compulsory courses as well as broadening and/or deepening elective courses.

The compulsory courses for both the licentiate and doctoral degree are:

• Philosophy of Science and Research Ethics (7.5 credit points/ECTS credits),
• Scientific Method: Qualitative (7.5 credit points/ECTS credits).
• Informatics  and Information Systems  (7.5 credit points(ECTS credits)
• Aspects of Scientific writing

For the doctoral degree the following courses are also required:

• Evaluation  of IT/IS: methods and models (7.5 credit points/ECTS credits),
• Scientific Method: Quantitative (7.5 credit points/ECTS credits).

Elective courses aim at broad and in-depth knowledge and reflect the areas of research at JIBS. Of the elective credits, a maximum of 7.5 credit points can be given for scientific project work.
The compulsory postgraduate courses are offered at JIBS. In addition, JIBS offers a number of elective courses each academic year, e.g. courses within the specific profile areas.  Candidates may also increase their selection of elective courses by taking doctoral courses at other universities.

A doctoral student is required and expected to participate in research seminars given at JIBS, including research proposal seminars and regular research seminars. The doctoral student is also required to act as opponent at another doctoral student's research proposal seminar and is expected to present his or her own work at different seminars and conferences throughout the doctoral programme. It is compulsory for the doctoral student to give at least two different presentations at seminars, i.e. the research proposal seminar and the final seminar.

Doctoral students are encouraged to spend part of their studies (normally one term) at another university in order to take postgraduate courses and/or work with their thesis.

The doctoral thesis comprises 150 credit points/ECTS credits. The student shall prepare the thesis individually. The thesis can either have the form of a compilation of articles (see separate document for detailed requirements) or a monograph.  

The licentiate thesis comprises 60 credit points/ECTS credits. The student shall prepare the thesis individually. Th thesis can either have the form of a monograph or a compilation of articles.  

The thesis is written in English unless there are particular reasons for it to be written in Swedish or another language.

For more information about the doctoral programme in informatics, please see the study plan for the subject.