Doctoral Student of the Month - February 2013

Peter Warda


Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Peter Warda, and I was born in the very heart of Jönköping (actually, very close to today’s campus area of Jönköping University). My non-Swedish appearance has its roots from Iraq, from where my parents emigrated in the early 1970s.

How did you decide to become a doctoral student? And why did you decide to do it at JIBS?

I have always liked to take on a challenge, and to become a doctoral student in Economics is most certainly a challenge of a lifetime.

As a former student at JIBS, I found it highly tempting to continue my academic journey at the place where I once began my university studies. I had good information about the doctoral programme and knew that there was more than enough knowledge and expertise at the department of Economics, Statistics and Finance that encompassed my interests in doing research.

What are your main research interests?

My main research focus is attributed to knowledge (de)composition and knowledge spillovers. Some examples of specific research questions analyzed are: how structural changes in certain industries impact the labor composition of firms as competitive markets push firms to organizational change, and how knowledge spills over within and between regions.

What is the best thing with working at JIBS?

The best with working at JIBS is all the great colleagues that give valuable input to help improve my on-going research. The door is always open for discussions at the department and I am very thankful for that. Also, the positive attitude towards taking part in international research projects and conferences makes JIBS a truly international work environment.