Doctoral Student of the Month - May 2013

Anna Piwonska

Business Administration focusing on Accounting

Who are you and where are you from?

I was born and grew up in Łódź in Poland. I studied at Warsaw School of Economics and before I came to Jönköping, I worked for three years in Warsaw in auditing company.

How did you decide to become a doctoral student? And why did you decide to do it at JIBS?

In all of my professional choices I have always considered one condition as crucial – to be able to learn new things and develop myself. Back as a master student I participated in an exchange program and had the opportunity to spend one semester at JIBS. The wonderful experience I had here during this time, both in terms of education at JIBS and living in Jönköping, turned into an idea to come here for doctoral studies. I perceived this as an opportunity not only to pursue my curiosity for working as a researcher, but also for getting to know Sweden and its culture.

What are your main research interests?

My research interest is oriented towards understanding corporate governance as structures arising in the companies’ specific environmental context. The idea for the research is driven by the need for better understanding of companies´ specific factors and ways in which they lead to heterogeneity of governance structures.

What is the best thing with working at JIBS?

It may seem as a very obvious answer, however one of the most valuable characteristics of JIBS working environment is its truly international character, which not only makes so much easier for anyone coming outside of Sweden to settle down here but also creates an invigorating research environment.