New Associate Dean
of Research for JIBS

Daniel Pittino, who will become Associate Dean of Research at JIBS in March 2019.

Daniel Pittino, Associate Professor of Business Administration, will take over as Associate Dean of Research at Jönköping International Business School on March 1, 2019. 

Daniel Pittino joined Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) in January 2016 as an Assistant Professor of Business Administration. Previous to this, he had visited the business school on numerous occasions as a visiting researcher from the University of Udine, Italy. 

Daniel Pittino’s research pays close attention to family firms and innovative start-up firms. This interest began during his master thesis, and encouraged by his supervisor, this soon became a passionate topic for him, which he chose for his PhD.  The core context of his research looks at people at the top of their profession and the effect they have on the actions of the organisation they lead. 

Daniel Pittino is looking forward to taking up the position of Associate Dean of Research, and pays tribute to the work that Ethel Brundin, the current Associate Dean of Research that he will be taking over from, has already done. 

"My goal is to carry on with the excellent initiatives that Ethel has set up to improve the research environment here at JIBS. The research arena is something i want to continue - recurrent meetings among faculty to openly and constructively discuss topics about the prospects and challenges of doing research. I interpret this as a service role – I look forward to listening to everyone, to help everyone grow according to their own potential and motivation. I like to work with people."

As Associate Dean of Research, Daniel hopes to strike a balance between the pressure towards publishing and staying at the forefront of the performance indicators according to international standards on the one side and, on the other, to ensure that the research carried out at JIBS remains relevant to society both on a local, national and international level. 

"JIBS was established to be an institution that serves the region. Our research needs to be constantly targeted towards creating a societal impact. Sometimes being performant in publications and being relevant can seem to be contradictory. The academic publications system is designed in a way that methodologically sophisticated research can be rewarded at the expense of novelty interest and relevance. Our goal is to keep a balance between methodological rigour and relevance."