Renira Gambarato, new Professor at HLK

From January 1, Renira Rampazzo Gambarato has been appoonted Professor of Media and Communication at the School of Education and Communication (HLK) at Jönköping University (JU). Renira will continue to work in her area of expertise - transmedia storytelling.

Renira Gambarato

Renira Gambarato

Renira Gambarato has worked at HLK since 2018. She built up her career in Brazil, Germany, Canada, Qatar and Estonia. Before coming to JU and HLK, she worked for 5 years in Moscow at the Higher School of Economics, where she taught and researched in the field of transmedia studies.

Renira is the leader of the research environment Media and Communication Science Opens in new window. at HLK. She works with the theoretical and methodological development of this relatively new field called transmedia studies. Transmedia storytelling is a communication process characterized by a story (fictional or non-fictional) unfolding across multiple media platforms such as print media, radio, TV, games and social media with a certain degree of audience involvement. This communication process is applied to various fields such as journalism, education, activism, politics, entertainment and marketing.

On February 28, a ‘professor’s introduction’ will he held at HLK where Renira will talk about her research, followed by a mingle and a question and answer session. Read more here. (In Swedish) Pdf, 79.5 kB, opens in new window.

“I will also be working together with Professor Ole Hansen External link, opens in new window. to develop and implement a research profile for HLK called EduCom: Educommunicating Social Sustainability. The aim is to integrate HLK’s expertise in education and communication to create a new combined and interdisciplinary research profile to respond to local and global challenges of social sustainability;” says Renira Gambarato.

The new position as professor will be a fresh start for Renira.

“As I have been working at HLK since 2018, the new position as a professor feels like a newstart that is full of excitement, new challenges and opportunities, accompanied by the warmth of already knowing the organization and the colleagues,” says Renira Gambarato.