Content updated 2017-05-29

ISBSB 2015

Best kick-off in Europe

In the 2015 ISB survey Jönköping University stands out as ranking number 1 regarding University introduction days (kick-off) in Sweden and Europe as well as number 3 worldwide!

Our library and online library rank number 2 in Sweden. The library also stands out as number 2 in Europe.

The Jönköping University learning spaces as well as virtual learning are ranked 3d in Sweden.

Things we need to work on, among others, are teacher student performance feedback and communication of marking criteria.

Always welcome

The welcome to Jönköping University is ranking high in all sub-categories standing out when it comes to the first night (number 1 in all categories) and finding accommodation (number 1 in Sweden and 2n in Europe and worldwide).

A truly international university

Jönköping University is ranked number 5 in terms of multicultural in all the categories - worldwide, Europe and Sweden.

Also, finding friends from other cultures at Jönköping University is easy as we according to the ISB rank number 4 in all categories!

Room for improvement

In an international environment where different cultures meet and work together there are of course challenges to overcome. Communication is one such area of importance. Here we need to work on improving teacher-student performance feedback, communication of marking criteria as well as academics’, and students’, English.