Content updated 2017-05-29

ISBSB 2016

In the web based questionnaire ISBSB our students are asked to answer questions related to their study experience at Jönköping University, from student housing to teaching and course content. During autumn 2016 Jönköping University introduced the ISBSB for the fifth time.

The International Student Barometer (ISB) and the national student barometer (SB) is an online survey conducted by the independent research company, International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate). The survey is conducted annually in the autumn and the results are made available to participating institutions during the spring.

This year 12 Swedish universities have taken this survey out of 196 institution in 17 countries.

Why do we conduct the survey?

One of the focus areas of Jönköping University’s strategies is to increase the attractiveness among students. The ISBSB tracks and compares the decision-making, expectations, perceptions and intentions of our students and is a tool in Jönköping University’s work for increased quality and student satisfaction. Other tools include course evaluations, UKÄ's quality assessment and external ratings.

By conducting the survey regularly, each year, we can follow and follow up the results and use it as a tool to drive quality work in the right direction to improve the study experience for our students.

How did we do this year?

The response rates for Jönköping University were 38 percent, which is slightly lower than recent years. 2,978 students have filed the survey.

The top 3 selection criteria for international students are specific course title, personal safety and institution reputation, while earning potential is on the forth place for International student but the most important for national students.

Jönköping University scores high in several areas. One of our strengths are employability; both careers advice from our career center and from staff. However, as previous years we need to improve and communicate better our assessment, marking criteria and feedback to our students.

What is being done to improve the results?

The schools and University Services continually make activities to improve quality in dialogue with the student associations and the Student Union centrally. Here are some examples of activities and actions taken 2015-2016:

School of Education and Communication

  • Development of assessment criteria in all courses.
  • Develop guidance documents for the course coordinator and examiner.
  • Completed pilot in digital examination.

School of Engineering

  • Adjusted the course development surveys with questions that harmonize with the ISBSB questions, for better opportunity to follow up the courses where students are not satisfied with planning, examination, feedback etc.
  • Established a group that drives pedagogical development clearly linked to the results of the ISBSB. The group includes one representative from each department.
  • Competence development for teachers in pedagogics and English.

School of Health and Welfare

  • Pedagogical group with representatives from each department.
  • Projects to development new pedagogics, including forms of education in the natural sciences and the digital environment / teaching resources.
  • Improved course evaluations with examples of learning goals in the course.

Jönköping International Business School

  • Revision of course evaluation process
  • JIBS teacher day, 2016 with focus on interactive and flexible learning spaces)
  • Investments in pedagogical tools (e.g. investments in simulation games, mentimeter licenses, Ipads and AppleTV for screening in large lecture halls, study trips)

University Services

  • Dialogue with banks to inform international students about how they get access to bank services and to investigate the possibilities for banks to easier provide the services.
  • Opened Service Center as a way in for all student questions.
  • Ongoing digitization within the exam for the student

Thank you all students who participated in the survey!

Three of the students that completed the survey has won an Ipad. The winners are Cornelia Moberg at the School of Education and Communication, Kalle Eriksson at the School of Engineering and Mirjam Savioja at the School of Education and Communication. 100 students won cinema tickets.

Many thanks to all students who gave their comments in the survey. Your views are priceless in our work to be even better.

Mats Jägstam
Acting President, Jönköping University