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What happens if I don't pay the tuition fee instalments?

Examples of consequences of not paying the tuition fee instalments and leaving studies without informing JU.

Example #1

Cynthia is studying a 3-year bachelor programme and has not paid the second instalment for the tuition fee because she has decided to take a break. She plans on returning to her studies the spring semester the following year, but she does not contact a study counsellor or the Admissions Office. Therefore, she is suspended from all studies at Jönköping University when the new semester starts in January. To lift the suspension, she must pay the second, third, and fourth instalments of the tuition fee before she can resume her studies one year later.

  • If she had withdrawn from the studies and re-applied to the programme, she would not have had to pay three instalments to get back to her studies.

Example #2

Philip is studying a 2-year master programme and has not paid the third instalment because he is waiting for a decision on work permit from the Migration Agency. As of the start of the new semester, he is suspended from Jönköping University and is not allowed to start his thesis work. Several weeks after the start of the semester, he receives his work permit, but since he was suspended, he must pay the instalment to lift the suspension before the university can update his fee-status in the administrative system Ladok. He will be exempt from paying the fourth instalment. He will not be eligible for any refund of paid tuition fee instalments.

Example #3

Adnan is studying a 3-year bachelor programme and has not paid the third instalment because he decides to take a break and work as he had applied for a work permit. Several years later, Adnan decides to apply to a new programme at JU and now he has a permanent residence permit in Sweden. However, since he was suspended from JU because he did not pay the last four instalments of the tuition fee for the original bachelor programme, he must pay all those instalments before his suspension can be lifted. Only after that will he be able to start the new programme as a non-fee paying student.

  • If Adnan had withdrawn from the bachelor programme when he decided to work instead of studying, he would not have needed to pay four instalments to lift a suspension when he had permanent residence in Sweden.
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