Welcome to the School of Engineering, Jönköping University!

Developments in communications in recent decades have led to a "virtual" reduction in distances between countries. The world is shrinking, and engineers in particular are being called to work more and more internationally. International education and experience are therefore vital components in a successful career.

Jönköping University is located in a region with an unusually high proportion of industrial business, which is becoming increasingly global. The School of Engineering enjoys a well-developed collaboration with companies in the region, and our engineering programmes always attract many gifted students. Our graduates are very much in demand on the labour market.

International atmosphere

Interest among our students to study abroad at one of our partner universities is increasing dramatically. Just as it is important for us to give our students the opportunity to study abroad, it is equally important for us to welcome students from other countries, thereby creating an international environment. This international atmosphere is enhanced through close collaboration with our other schools, the Jönköping International Business School, the School of Education and Communication, and the School of Health Sciences.

Welcome to the School of Engineering - a completely new campus environment, idyllically situated in the stunning natural surroundings of Jönköping.

Mats Jägstam