Collaboration is part of our DNA and permeates our entire operation. We are always open to new collaborations, and if you wish to collaborate with us, please feel free to contact head of department, Magnus Hofwing, collaboration manager Magnus Vårbrant, or any other member of our staff.

You are also welcome to visit the following pages to learn more about collaborating with us at JTH in general:

Collaboration with JTH

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Below you can read about one of our most attractive offerings for collaboration that we are very proud of.


Industry Placement Course (IPC)

The IPC course is a unique opportunity for companies to connect with our students, providing them a link between theory and practice, during approximately 8 weeks at a company between April to May.

Now, 10 years after the launch of the IPC course, many companies see the course as a natural recruitment base.

Learn more about IPC at JTH here.


Course coordinators for the IPC course:

Magnus Vårbrant (Logistics and Management)

Kristina Sollander (Sustainable Supply Chain Management)

Magnus Hofwing (Master's in Industrial Product Development)