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  • Engaged preschool children find it easier to learn and develop

    Children with behaviour difficulties need special support already in preschool. In a new thesis from Jönköping University, Madeleine Sjöman concludes that children actively engaged in preschool everyday activities increase their learning, development and wellbeing.
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  • David Eriksson is new Associate Professor

    David Eriksson’s research is based on Supply Chain Management,
    that is, the organisation and management of activities from raw-material extraction to consumption and disposal or returns. Within this field, he has been focusing on a specific area that centres around the question of responsibility.

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  • Making sense of advisory boards in family firms

    Family firms are a closed system. Owner families are often reluctant to bring in outsiders, but those who want to grow do well to bring in external advisors, especially via a team approach. In a new PhD thesis, Judith van Helvert-Beugels has studied how family firms can work with their advisory boards.
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