New guide for researchers within environmental communication

Knowledge on best practices within a certain research field often stays with the researchers themselves. Peter Berglez at the School of Education and Communication and five other researchers decided to make their experiences available to others, and have published a report describing research on media’s cover of the climate issue.

The title of the new report is “Investigating mediated climate change communication: A best-practice guide” and is directed mainly towards those who want to study how media work with their communication related to climate change.

The authors share their knowledge on what methods could be used for conducting this kind of research. They also highlight the need of new research within this field.

“We also give our readers some advice on how to avoid different pitfalls, for example to ‘reinvent the wheel’. We believe that this report is of interest mainly for students and PhD students within the field of environmental communication”, says Peter Berglez.

The report has been written by Peter Berglez, Professor of Media and Communication Science, and five other researchers who work in different parts of Europe. All of them have extensive experience of research on how the climate issues are covered by media from different perspectives, for example from a scientific, democratic or ideological perspective.

You find the whole report here External link, opens in new window..