Docent lecture: Roland Stolt

On Tuesday 1 September at 11.00-12.00 Roland Stolt will give his docent lecture ''Platforms in Product and Production Development – Evolution and Future Outlook'', at the School of Engineering (JTH), Jönköping University.

“My lecture will focus on product and production platforms and how they can be used to improve the manufacturability of components already in the design phase. The lecture also highlights how digitalization can help create an overview of platforms and how to develop and maintain them”, says Roland Stolt.

The development of product and production platforms by companies can lead to shorter development times and improved quality, which in turn contributes to a favorable competitive situation for the companies.

In the near future, Roland Stolt will participate in the start-up of a synergy project called IDEAL. The project is about integrated product and production platforms and JTH has recruited four new PhD students for the project. Roland Stolt will lead a sub-project within IDEAL, which deals with digitalization in the platforms.

“There are many new and exciting challenges for me and JTH in the future” says Roland Stolt.

Roland Stolt will hold his trial lecture for appointment as a docent on the first of September at 11.00-12.00 in E2326 at the School of Engineering.

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