5.8 million SEK for the project SATSA

The Swedish Research Council has granted 5.8 million SEK for a four-year project: SATSA - Structural approach to teaching as a basis for sustainable arithmetic learning. Anna-Lena Ekdahl, Senior Lecturer in Didactics at the School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, is one of three researchers in the project.

The project addresses both teaching and students' learning. The structural approach means, among other things, that the researchers focus on the relationship between mathematical numbers and mathematical numbers as a pattern. They will investigate how teaching with a structural approach can contribute to 6-year-olds developing a sustainable number perception and developable arithmetic strategies.

The main applicants are Professor Camilla Björklund, University of Gothenburg, together with Angelika Kullberg, also from the University of Gothenburg and Anna-Lena Ekdahl, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, who will be researching mathematics in preschool class for four years.

Anna-Lena Ekdahl

Anna-Lena Ekdahl

“The money from the Swedish Research Council gives us the opportunity to work together with teachers in several different preschool classes. For me, it means a lot to be able to continue where my dissertation work ended, that is, to study teaching and younger students' mathematics learning, “says Anna-Lena Ekdahl.