Patient safety and quality in healthcare in focus at large Nordic conference

On 29-30 September, NSQH 2022 (Nordic Conference on Research in Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare) will take place at Elmia congress and concert hall in Jönköping. The conference brings together Nordic and international researchers and practitioners in the field of patient safety and quality improvement.

This will be the sixth NSQH conference, held this time in collaboration with Jönköping Academy at the School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University, and Region Jönköping County.

The conference is about research on quality and patient safety in healthcare. It will highlight current as well as future challenges, as well as new directions that should be taken in healthcare and research.

The pandemic has been a major challenge to the safety and quality of healthcare systems. Lessons have been learned that are important for future work that needs to be carried out in this new, post-pandemic world. Therefore, the watchwords for this year's conference are "challenges - lessons - directions".

A meeting place for researchers and healthcare professionals

One of the goals of the conference is to create a meeting place for researchers and those working in healthcare and that the research carried out is then applied in practice. NSQH 2022, which is held entirely in English, will gather together approximately 140 participants from mainly Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

“It is fun to welcome delegates to our beautiful city, but importantly, this also consolidates Jönköping Academy's standing in improvement and leadership in healthcare,” says Axel Ros, chief physician in Region Jönköping County and Associate Professor in Patient Safety at the School of Health and Welfare.

Keynote speakers include Boel Andersson Gäre, Professor of Quality Improvement and Leadership at the School of Health and Welfare, and Vikki Entwistle, Professor of Health Care Research and Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen.

In total, the conference programme contains four keynote lectures, 43 lectures and around twenty research posters. The event will take place at the Elmia congress and concert hall in Jönköping.


NSQH stands for Nordic Research Network for Safety and Quality in Healthcare, and is a research network with members from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. The purpose of the network is to promote research in patient safety and quality improvement concerning the healthcare sector in the Nordic countries, as well as to facilitate collaboration on research and the application of research results between the countries and between research institutions and clinical environments.

The first conference took place in 2010 in Saltsjöbaden and has been organized every two years since then, except for 2020 when it was canceled due to the pandemic. This is the second time it has been organized in Sweden.

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Axel Ros,, phone: 070-3661347

Sofie Rotstedt, coordinator, Jönköping Academy,, phone: 036-10 19 54