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  • Award to Jenny Hallgren

    Jenny Hallgren, a doctoral student at the School of Health Sciences, has won the Student Award for Outstanding Methodological Innovation in Gerontological Nursing Research from the International Journal of Older People Nursing.
  • Early intervention strengthens children's mental health

    Is it possible to detect behavioural disorders at an early age and what efforts can then be made? On behalf of the National Board of Health and Welfare, the research group CHILD at Jönköping University has studied this in the project “Early detection - early intervention.”

  • Stable export businesses in Jönköping County

    Exporting companies in the Jönköping region have a higher share of firms that export continuously, compared to the rest of Sweden. This according to a new study by researchers from Jönköping International Business School.
  • Globalisation as a hybrid process

    Should the main goal for emerging economies really be to try and copy the way of the West? In a new doctoral thesis, Zehra Sayed challenges the view of “developed” and “developing” countries.
  • Research for improved brake systems

    On Friday the 4th of March, Asim Rashid defended his thesis on simulation of contact problems occurring in disc brake systems and other applications. The results of his research may contribute to improved brake systems for both cars and trains.
  • JU journal on new citations list

    The Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies has been accepted onto Thomson Reuters’ Emerging Sources Citation Index – a new addition to Web of Science.