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  • ”Putting violence into words together”

    Mikael Skillmark, senior lecturer in social work at the School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University, has been granted SEK 2.4 million over three years from the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority (Brottsoffermyndigheten) for the research project Putting violence into words together: representations of violence and victimhood in professionals' treatment conversations with children exposed to child abuse.
  • Crisis-driven innovation in focus for new research

    A sustainable preparedness, not least in the food supply, has become increasingly important in recent years. This is because of several overlapping social crises such as drought, the Corona pandemic, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, a new research project, an innovation lab for sustainable preparedness in the food supply, has been granted SEK 6 million in funds from Formas, the research council for sustainable development. Joakim Netz, Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering, Jönköping University, is one of the participants in the project.
  • Funding for improved communication between humans and AI

    Maria Riveiro, Professor of Computer Science at the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU), is awarded SEK ten million from the Swedish Research Council for her research to improve communication and collaboration between humans and AI. The government agency also gives millions in funding to the JTH researchers Johannes Schmidt and Peter Hansbo.
  • Research project on elderly people’s encounters with digitized welfare services receive 4.8 million from the Swedish Research Council

    The Swedish Research Council granted SEK 4.8 million to a research project that will study senior citizens' (65+) encounters with digitized welfare service interfaces. The project brings together four researchers from different universities. Ernesto Abalo, Associate Professor in Media and Communication Science at The School of Education and Communication, is one of the researchers in the project.
  • New research project wants to create sustainable development for Vättern

    "Water to all creatures. Nature's Rights as Ecosystem Management Innovation" is a research project that focuses on Lake Vättern. How would the situation for Lake Vättern change if the lake had its own rights and how can this ensure its survival as a valuable ecosystem and contribute to sustainable water management? That's the question the project wants answered.
  • Unique book maps jihadism in Scandinavia - interviews with jihadists and IS fighters

    Jihadism in Scandinavia has now been mapped in a unique book by Marco Nilsson, docent in political science at the School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University. Nilsson researches on violent conflicts in international politics and he has now published a book, ”Jihadism in Scandinavia – Motivations, Experiences, and Change”, in which he summarizes, maps and develops several years of research on jihadism.