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SPARK is Jönköping University’s research and education environment within knowledge intensive product realisation. The purpose of SPARK is to contribute to the development of the region’s and Sweden’s manufacturing companies towards more knowledge intensive products and processes.

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Research and education within SPARK are conducted within five thematic areas. Each area represents different needs, which should be met in order to make today’s industry more knowledge intensive:

  • Advanced and optimised components, materials and manufacturing
  • Integrated development of products and production
  • Renewal and organising for sustainable innovation
  • Digitalisation for smart products and services
  • Responsive and efficient operations and supply chains

In collaboration with industry

The research projects within SPARK are carried out together with small and large companies from different industries. The benefits for the participating companies are concrete improvements in their businesses, strengthened competence and increased competitiveness.

Are you interested in participating in a project with your company? You can find more information and contact details at SPARK’s websiteexternal link, opens in new window.

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