As a partner company you get a close and worthwhile contact with dedicated students.

Being a student, it is sometimes difficult to see in what practical context you will use your theoretical knowledge. Together with our host companies, we want to help the students to get an idea of ​​how theori is put into practice in the business world.

Partner companies have been a part of activities at Jönköping University since 1994. Jönköping International Business School was actually first in Sweden to let students gain practical experience in this way. The idea has since spread to many Swedish universities and colleges.

What are the benefits for you?

Companies that engage in the partner company programme can benefit from students bringing new perspectives and approaches. The students can propose solutions to specific problems, and many host companies have successfully implemented the suggestions made by our students. In addition, the connection with undergraduate students is also a potential source of future employees. By collaborating with JIBS education, partner companies get the opportunity to present themselves person for students.

How does it work?

You choose which of our programmes you want to work with, and get the chance to meet with these students when the autumn semester begins. A student group usually consists of 3-5 students, and your company will follow the student group during their three to four first semesters, through projects related to some of our courses.


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